Low Capital, High Impact, Data-driven Recommendations for Improved Waterflood Performance.

SWM - Waterflood Optimization using Data-Driven Models

Asset managers and production teams are continuously looking to optimize waterflood, but the typical process for operational decisions is tedious and time-consuming because reservoir dynamics and subsurface networks are complex. QRI, the world's foremost experts in waterflood—efficiency and recovery—brings you SpeedWise® Waterflood Management (SWM®—pronounced “swim”), a cloud-native SaaS solution that combines the fundamentals of subsurface flow physics with advanced data-driven techniques to quickly build waterflood models based on available geologic, completion and production data.

Reduce OPEX. Increase production.

SWM combines both physics and data-driven modeling for large fields with multiple decades of production history. Unlike a full physics numerical simulation model, which doesn’t address the waterflood problem, SWM focuses ONLY on the waterflood problem, saving many hours of computational power on unrelated properties. Models are typically built in hours—ready for full-field surveillance and optimization. SWM is a flexible platform capable of guiding daily production operations through fast production forecasts and optimization of both existing wells and new drills. This directly translates to improved capital efficiency and OPEX reduction in mature waterfloods.

SWM - Waterflood Optimization using Data-Driven Models

SpeedWise® Waterflood Management Features

  • Patented reduced-physics, data-driven approach for fast and accurate reservoir modeling.
  • Physics models include gravity and compressibility effects, fractured and faulted reservoirs.
  • Proprietary optimization algorithms for automated history-matching and performance optimization.
  • Scalable cloud architecture for real-time model update and production forecast and optimization.
  • Robust model uncertainty quantification.
  • Workspace/case management: Allows users to manage/access projects and define or view cases. Users can specify project collaborators.
  • Results for each case can be interactively visualized by users. Users can share results with collaborators, vet opportunities, and export results in various formats.

SpeedWise Waterflood Management- Workflow

The SML Workflow. SML has provided waterflood surveillance and guidance for over 500,000 B/D (including Iraq, Kuwait, Mexico, US, China, Colombia, UAE, and others).

*SpeedWise Waterflood Management patent no. 10,458,207

The Benefits of SpeedWise Waterflood Management

Capital Efficiency Driven by AI

Optimize waterflood efficiency & production performance using proprietary Physics-based AI modeling approach. Superior to operational spreadsheets and reservoir simulation, obtain ~20-50% annual savings in CapEx/OpEx at equivalent production levels with SWM.

Lightning Fast and Scalable

Accelerate time-to-value with a scalable SaaS platform with powerful cloud computational capabilities that automates engineering workflows, speeding up conventional workflow timelines by 90% or more. Train large waterflood models in days.

Smart Data Integration

Integrate of modeling efforts (geologic, reservoir, wellbore and surface) to respond to the demands of the operating teams. Go from multi-disciplinary data to solutions much faster. Supports Energetics RESQMLTM for wells and reservoir models

Collaborative and Efficient

Work in a collaborative, secure cloud-based environment, and break down multi-disciplinary silos to help mitigate missing and incomplete data, empowering more reliable field development planning and waterflood optimization scenarios.

Better Risk Management

Rely on consistent assessment and evaluation with repeatable results. Workflow automation allows asset teams to explore hundreds of optimization scenarios, ultimately leading to better risk management and shorter decision cycles.

Obtain Operational Efficiency

Cloud-based platform for optimization of operational strategies (adjustments of target rates, chokes, lift parameters, etc.) for optimum waterflood performance. SWM is battle-tested around the world, providing waterflood surveillance for over 500 MBBL/D.