Intelligence + Processes + Domain Experts

Interwoven into established processes and layered on top of our technologies is the human element, our vast industry experience and knowledge of complex reservoirs around the world.

Solutions that Lead to Optimized Field Development Plans

Applying state-of-the-art deep learning tools and machine learning to automate standard petroleum engineering workflows, we can quickly provide development plans and options to mitigate losses and enhance performance in very difficult and complex reservoirs. Production is maximized
through better operations, and our proprietary metrics and key performance indicators help us identify and capture all possible reserves. Ultimately, we offer a reservoir management process for integrated teams to follow, ensuring continued learnings and best practices.

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We provide thorough assessments and forecasts of asset portfolios and determine alternatives for development potential much faster than industry benchmarks. These new opportunities are used to establish production targets, and create incremental plans and investment strategies. Financial analyses with risk management tactics are also included in the assessment.
Findings from our in-depth look at your reservoirs’ technical and financial data are then benchmarked according to proven reservoir management metrics. Groups of fields are categorized for operational excellence, capital improvements and more. Dynamic portfolio assessments can be applied to conventional and unconventional resources.

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Our technologies have been successfully deployed by investment bankers that need valuation for M&A. The current value of a portfolio of hydrocarbon reservoirs is assessed by performing a very rapid and comprehensive well-by-well analysis of an entire basin.
Technical and economic studies as part of the Acquisitions & Divestitures (A&D) process are accelerated, which is extremely valuable when fast informed decisions are necessary for making investments in oil or gas assets. Our advanced analytics ensures the best outcomes in M&A and A&D deals and lifts your market valuation.

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QRI brings the full spectrum of consulting services to the table, accelerating our client’s analytics and providing solutions through augmented AI. Our services have been used for capital investment, energy markets (including natural gas and clean coal), and industrial processes. Our other services include:
  • Financial Analysis: Using a custom dashboard, take advantage of public data (and
    your available private data) to get quick answers to valuable questions.
  • Analytics Services: Build from our analytical know-how and domain expertise to solve your most complex challenges.
  • Machine Learning: Streamline your workflows and accelerate conclusions by leveraging our ability to find trends, correlations and patterns in large and complex data sets.

QRI's service model for the Oil & Gas Industry

Our 1-2-3 service model brings a full spectrum of services to the table, which sets us apart from others in the industry. Our analytics platform spans an entire workflow that starts with data cleaning and organization, and ends with solutions and execution support. We have a track record of providing the right resources for the right applications and addressing the key capabilities of our client's assets. Every client is different, and our analysis and resulting solutions will ultimately depend on our initial assessment and the client's needs.
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Implementation & Surveillance

• Create knowledge transfer programs
• Support of Field Development Plan execution
• Monitor field performance and surveillance programs
• Support production operations
• Implement reservoir management stewardship programs
• Provide ongoing expert asset team support
• Make continual improvements

Recommended for companies that would like support in executing a re-designed Field Development Plan, and for executives and directors wanting to ensure best-in-class reservoir management of their assets, take a proactive approach to continuous learning, and monitor ongoing field performance through analytics and visualizations. Use a framework to establish technical quality and reservoir management guidelines are being followed.

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Diagnostics & Solutions

• Diagnose the current state of a reservoir
• Enhance carbonate waterflood
• Manage reservoir's full life-cycle
• Improve recovery
• Develop fractured reservoir
• Optimize horizontal, multi-lateral and MRC development
• Provide production assurance

Recommended to perform technical due diligence as part of acquisition and divestitures, find new opportunities in mature fields, discover key recovery obstacles and understand key performance indicators, or for reservoirs in need of a new Field Development Plan targeting gains in production and reserves.


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Analytics & Insights

• Provide financial analysis
• Manage risk
• Implement incremental planning
• Improve valuation
• Identify field development opportunities

Recommended when fast informed decisions are necessary for making an investment in oil or gas assets, for streamlined analysis of public and private data, to deeply understand your own portfolio and prioritize future investments, or for high-level up-to-date status reports on the health of all assets.