Analytics & Insights

It all starts with multi-disciplinary data. Using SpeedWise® Data Analytics we apply engineering analysis and statistics to the data, which can also be utilized in comprehensive assessments of large portfolio oil & gas assets.

Positioning data for impactful statistics and insights

SpeedWise® Data Analytics is our proprietary data analytics platform that provides an integrated/multidisciplinary view of an O&G asset. The aim is to rapidly develop a deep understanding of fundamentals in an oil & gas asset from a multidisciplinary, reservoir management angle. This process will deliver all analytics for the diagnostics process intended to identify key recovery obstacles. SpeedWise® Data Analytics incorporates the following services:

  • Production Gain Index® (PGI®): A patented process that is designed to quickly estimate the net gain in oil rate for a developed oil field as a result of increasing aggregate well productivity.
  • Recovery Deficiency Indicator® (RDI®): A patented process that assess the potential for reserves increase in a producing oil reservoir. RDI is an effective evaluation tool that provides decision makers an objective, easy and rapid method to grade the current recovery efficiency of a reservoir.

A fast and comprehensive portfolio analysis

SpeedWise® Portfolio Analysis assesses the current value of a portfolio of hydrocarbon reservoirs by performing fast and comprehensive well-by-well analysis without human intervention. The application is used for making real-time investment decisions, and has been applied to workflows for D&A, M&A and IPOs.

  • Define your own portfolio made up of any US oil and gas wells
  • Gain near instantaneous understanding of how operators benchmark against a basin average
  • Obtain an overview of competitor type curves
  • Know your top performing assets (field level and well level)
  • Get a fast valuation of your asset portfolio

An Artificial Intelligence & Domain Expertise Enabled Analysis for Unconventionals

SpeedWise® Unconventionals provides an efficient assessment/analysis of resource plays for valuation of acreage and development planning. The service utilizes state-of-art explainable machine learning and big data technologies combined with hyperbolic decline curve analysis, geostatistics, nonlinear optimization to provide a fundamental understanding of the production trends, effectiveness of drilling & completion practice, well spacing and well interaction in a given field or play, the valuation of acreage, and future development recommendations.

  • Identify and evaluate the commerciality of high productivity areas and differentiate these fairways from non-commercial areas
  • Evaluate existing field development and D&C practice
  • Optimize well spacing and D&C designs based on lessons and experiences captured from historical and current industrial practice
  • Optimize future field development based on comprehensive production and cost estimates powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence & domain knowledge hybrid technologies

Diagnostics & Solutions

We use our domain knowledge and fundamental understanding of reservoir physics to build data-driven predictive models, expert-based systems and, ultimately to identify key recovery obstacles and Field development opportunities.

Fast and comprehensive identification of key recovery obstacles

Get the most out of your wells and asset portfolio by detecting trends in production performance and identifying recovery obstacles. SpeedWise Diagnostics® was selected as a finalist for New Technology Development of the Year in the 2016 Texas Oil & Gas Awards.


Waterflood optimization using data-driven models

SpeedWise® Waterflood Management (SWM) features a unique methodology that uses data-driven models to help ensure cost-effective waterflood optimization. The application's reduced-physics data-driven reservoir model is the most advanced technology of its kind in the industry.


Gain geologic insights and identify opportunities

SpeedWise® Reservoir Opportunity is a web-based analytical tool that helps assess the quality of a geomodel by comparing well and model statistical distributions of key spatial and petrophysical attributes.


Improve drilling performance through best practices and machine learning

SpeedWise® Drilling Solutions applies cutting-edge technologies to improve drilling performance from a global reservoir management perspective, which will focus on improving capital efficiency, increasing production, and/or increasing reserves.

  • Identify the drilling bottlenecks and improving drilling efficiency
  • Detailed drilling and completion analytics at the asset, field, and well level
  • Practical solutions to overcome the existing obstacles and improve the performance
  • Smart resource allocation and future planning

Rapid and comprehensive ALS performance analytics

SpeedWise® Artificial Lift identifies workover opportunities associated with artificial lift operations, and evaluates ALS optimization, upgrading and conversion opportunities for more efficient and economical operations.