Fully Automated Opportunity Identification for Optimized Field Development Planning

SpeedWise Reservoir Optimization - Geomodeling - Petrophysical

SpeedWise® Reservoir Opportunity* (SRO) is a web-based analytical solution that helps assess the quality of a geomodel by comparing well and model statistical distributions of key spatial and petrophysical attributes. Fully automated, it applies advanced computational algorithms and data mining techniques to multi-disciplinary data so that reservoir geoscientists and engineers can make data-driven field development and recompletion decisions, and optimize vertical, deviated, and horizontal well plans.

Centralized, Scalable and Collaborative
A collaborative, secure, native cloud-based environment enhances asset team efficiency by allowing all members to work together to identify selection criteria and evaluate opportunity risks. A scalable, centralized dataset management system sets the stage for integration of static and dynamic data. Teams receive interpretations from multiple data sources. Breaking down multi-disciplinary silos helps mitigate missing and incomplete data, for more confident field development planning.

SRO - Automate geo-engineering workflows

Lightening Fast
SRO delivers fast, flexible and reliable workflows that are unmatched in the industry. Geological and engineering workflow automation can lead to time savings of over 90%, cutting workloads from months to weeks, and in some cases hours. The workflow is consistent and repeatable, minimizing subjectivity. Asset teams can run many more scenarios in any timeframe, identify more opportunities, and spend more time vetting those opportunities with streamlined automated reports that contain comprehensive, fully interactive visuals. The workflow is consistent and repeatable, minimizing subjectivity. The final result is better risk management and shorter decision-making cycles.

SRO - Oil and Gas Field Specific Settings

Flexible Workflows
Advanced customization methods provide users with the flexibility to choose the most appropriate options for their reservoir, and adapt their work to unique geologic and production complexities, such as depositional environment, fracture prevalence, extensive baffle layers, vertical communication, and reservoir compartmentalization. The core algorithms are data-driven, integrate multi-disciplinary datasets, and leave little room for user bias or subjectivity, allowing consistent assessment and evaluation with repeatable results. The algorithms reflect two decades of experience and proven results on fields around the world.

SRO has been developed under a technology collaboration between Emerson and QRI, with Emerson as the exclusive global distributor for SRO and any other applications developed under this agreement.

The Benefits of SRO

Streamline Opportunity Identification

SRO automates engineering workflows, including Drainage Analysis, Remaining Pay interpretation, Production Rate Forecasting, Geologic Risk Assessment, Wellbore Accessibility and others.

Enhance productivity with improved collaboration

SRO boasts an intuitive, interactive user interface for uploading data, running multiple scenarios and analyzing and sharing results for easy vetting of opportunities.

An evergreen solution for field development planning

Consistent assessment and evaluation methodology with repeatable results. The more SRO is used, the more advantageous it becomes through state-of-the-art machine learning technology.

Break down Multi-disciplinary data silos

Cross-functional workflows integrate interpretations from multiple disciplines and data sources to help identify opportunity criteria and empower more reliable field development planning.

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