Accelerate Time to Recomplete Wells, Identify Vertical Sweetspots and Locate Horizontal Wells

SRO - Automate geo-engineering workflows

SpeedWise® Reservoir Opportunity* (SRO) is an AI-powered, cloud-native platform that applies advanced computational algorithms and data mining techniques on multi-disciplinary datasets to automatically identify a ranked list of remaining field development opportunities. These opportunities include recompletion behind-pipe, reactivation, vertical new drill locations, sidetrack options, and deviated/horizontal targets.

SRO automates several geologic and engineering workflows that are typically performed manually, including remaining pay interpretation, drainage analysis, geo-engineering attribute mapping, production forecasting, and uncertainty quantification, to capture initial production potential and associated risks across the portfolio. The automated workflows and collaborative features enable asset teams to spend more time vetting field development alternatives. Ultimately, the benefits of SRO are threefold: speed, accuracy/risk mitigation, and value creation.

Centralized, Scalable and Collaborative

Hosted in a secure, native cloud-based environment, SRO enhances asset team efficiency and minimizes subjectivity by allowing team members to work together through a centralized data management center, deploy repeatable workflows that render consistent results, and easily evaluate opportunities and associated risks. Breaking down multi-disciplinary data silos through SRO helps mitigate missing and incomplete data for more confident field development planning, and workflow automation can lead to time savings of over 90%, cutting workloads from months to weeks, and in some cases hours.

SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity Workflow Video

SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity Features

  • Automated geo-engineering workflows for identifying and ranking recompletion, vertical sweetspots and horizontal wells. Workflows include remaining pay interpretation, optimal target search, probabilistic production forecasting, interference analysis, and uncertainty quantification.
  • A flexible framework for customizing settings to unique field/reservoir specificities.
  • Centralized and collaborative dataset management: Allows users to create/update datasets, upload files, and automatically QC/validate data. Multiple users can collaborate on creating/updating a dataset. Supports Energistics RESQMLTM for wells and reservoir models.
  • Workspace/case management: Allows users to manage/access projects and define or view cases. Users can specify project collaborators.
  • Execution workflow: Allows users to customize a case by controlling the settings, and iteratively execute various steps within any selected module.
  • Workspace/case management: Allows users to manage/access projects and define or view cases. Users can specify project collaborators.
  • Allows users to interactively visualize the results for each case. Users can share results with collaborators, vet opportunities, and export results in various formats.

Recomplete Finder Workflow - SRO

Recomplete Finder Workflow (SRO automates several geo-engineering workflows that integrate inter-disciplinary analysis.)

SRO has been developed under a technology collaboration between Emerson and QRI, with Emerson as the exclusive global distributor for SRO and any other applications developed under this agreement.

*US Patent Pending

The Benefits of SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity

Capital Efficiency Driven by AI

Generate a compelling list of ranked and vetted development opportunities that produce thousands of incremental barrels of oil/gas production, both short-term and in EURs. Save 20% to 50% annually in CapEx/OpEx (at equivalent production levels).

Lightning Fast and Scalable

SRO is a scalable SaaS platform with powerful cloud computational capabilities that automates geological and engineering workflows, speeding up conventional workflow timelines by 90% or more.

Smart Data Integration

Integrate interpretations from multiple disciplines and data sources (geomodel, simulation model, well logs, production data, well test), and go from multi-disciplinary data to solutions much faster.

Collaborative and Efficient

Work in a collaborative, secure cloud-based environment, and break down multi-disciplinary silos to help mitigate missing and incomplete data, empowering more reliable field development planning.

Better Risk Management

Rely on consistent assessment and evaluation with repeatable results. Workflow automation allows asset teams to run many more scenarios, ultimately leading to better risk management and shorter decision cycles.

Accurate Outcomes

Enhanced data mining and AI-based vetting algorithms in well selection result in development opportunity catalogs that offer a superior degree of confidence and accuracy compared to conventional manual work processes.