An Enterprise Machine Learning Solution


AI, machine learning and advanced predictive analysis have become the new standard for many 21st century industries. From online advertising to social media, from online shopping to fraud detection, from maintenance prediction to smart manufacturing, machine learning has been proven as an effective tool to automatically extract knowledge from data, improve service accuracy, reduce cost, and increase work efficiency.

The goal of machine learning is to unveil trends, patterns and correlations from multidimensional data. However, it remains a challenging task to develop and deploy machine learning models effectively within organizations. In fact, it is not uncommon to spend several months and even years to implement machine learning and deploy it in the production environment, even for an integrated team involving domain experts, data engineers, data/machine learning scientists, computer scientists, and IT.


Powered by QRI’s enterprise-grade automatic machine learning algorithm, SpeedWise® ML is a web-based software platform allowing everyone and every company to conduct cutting-edge machine learning practices and predictive analysis. Through the platform, everyone, with or without a deep understanding of machine learning, will be able to deliver high-quality production-level models through a few mouse clicks within minutes, without typing a single line of code.

SpeedWise® ML can be used by any company or organization that has data that is not yet fully exploited. This technology is applicable to any industry or sector, and it simply requires uploading an input data table (e.g., a .csv file) to start triggering thousands of machine learning models.

Benefits of Using SpeedWise ML

Easy access and deployment of machine learning capabilities

Application of advanced machine learning solutions is made easily available across your organization.

Build machine learning models 10x faster

We automatically train and tune your models in parallel on the cloud, automatically finding the optimal model configuration for your needs.

Smart data processing capabilities

Intuitive/interactive capabilities to quickly process and clean data needed for machine learning.

Say goodbye to the black box with applicable machine learning

Our built-in explainable machine learning module delivers answers and the reasons behind those answers.

Collaborative platform maximizes the power of machine learning within teams

Share data and models among cross-functional teams with the click of a button.

Uncover valuable new solutions or opportunities within your organization

Generate machine learning models (both unsupervised and supervised learning) that can unveil hidden trends and patterns from data.

How SpeedWise ML Works: From data tables to AutoML models

Individual Team Trial (2 weeks) Business Best Value Choose Your Plan Autopilot Mode andUncertainty Quantification 40 180 10 1000 Total CPU hours per month 5 30 200 Total storage for raw data (GB) 3 10 Total Number of Users per Account Total API Deployment 10 10,000 3 Unlimited Private Dataset (Based on GB storage)

Let automated machine learning create value for your organization?