Solutions that Lead to Vastly Superior Field Development Plans

Expose the culprits behind a production plateau or decline

Obtain production sustainability for the total portfolio through enhanced development of top assets, and reserves replacement in the long term through depletion plans that maximize ultimate recovery.

Instill best-in-class reservoir management strategies

You’ve entrusted your properties to the care and responsibility of your asset teams. Improve management practices company-wide, with specific emphasis on identifying opportunities to raise ultimate recovery efficiency.

Focus on your wells

Assess for improved well design, distinguish favorable new well locations, re-open promising shut-in wells and implement workovers, stimulation treatments, and artificial lift optimizations.

Rejuvenate mature brownfield assets

Redevelopment plans for mature assets are prepared without requiring full-field static or dynamic models.

Gather effective arsenal for A&D

Technical and economic studies as part of the Acquisitions & Divestitures (A&D) process is accelerated, with conceptual FDPs and reserve estimates prepared.

Vet the work

Data-driven techniques are used as part of the internal review process for large oil companies, running parallel to the standard modeling-based workflows, and allowing very fast, unbiased technical validation.