"Extreme efficiency is the new paradigm of the energy markets – fossil fuels and renewables alike."
Dr. Nansen G. Saleri
Quantum Reservoir Impact (QRI) was founded in 2007 with a goal to create lasting value for our clients, helping them realize increases in production, reserves appreciation and capital efficiency. In the beginning, Dr. Nansen Saleri brought together industry experts and academic heavyweights to collectively analyze, design and develop superior reservoir management practices. The focus: using a science-based approach to design processes and metrics that would allow us to analyze fields quickly and effectively—identifying gaps, mitigating risks and targeting opportunities.
Fast-forward to today; we combine those fundamental tenets of reservoir management, proprietary metrics and processes with advanced analytics, using AI and machine learning to automate complex workflows. In doing so we provide our client’s with actionable insights in a fraction of the time compared to the industry standard. We have the capability to harness vast amounts of data, providing practical solutions to very difficult technical challenges. Our clients include those in the financial sector, investors and oil companies. We currently partner with the largest national oil companies in the world, with conventional and unconventional assets and millions of BOE’s under advisement.

What We Believe

QRI's mission is to have a quantum impact on oil and gas production, reserves and capital efficiency, while maintaining superior environmental policies. This is our definition of value creation, and we accomplish this through our collective technologies, proprietary processes and global expertise.
Our reservoir management stewardship approach focuses on environmentally friendly practices. We do our very best to protect the environment in the conduct of all our business activities. These ethical standards guide our thinking and practices in all our work.
Our company culture truly defines who we are and how we work, and stems from nine very important values that distinguish us from any other company operating in the energy arena.