Find Opportunities for Unconventional Plays with Augmented AI

SUN - AI-driven technology for Unconventional Assets

Rapid and disruptive changes in the oil and gas industry necessitate a fresh look at all aspects of decision-making to achieve significantly higher capital and resource deployment efficiencies. Traditional tools such as reservoir simulation are ineffective for decision-making in unconventional assets, many operators have been using statistical type curves for years. However, statistical type curves are too simplistic and cannot capture the non-linear and complex effect of geology, completion, well spacing, and operational factors on well performance.

SpeedWise® Unconventionals (SUN) is an AI-driven technology that optimally blends data-driven models with expert-based knowledge to optimize completion design, well spacing, workover activities, and subsurface targets for any given unconventional asset, applying robust predictive models to identify actionable future opportunities that maximizes the NPV of the field and minimizes potential risks.

SUN - ML-based Parametric Models

How Does SUN Work?

SUN implements State-of-the-art Machine Learning practices to conduct unbiased data analytics with unique model explanation and uncertain quantification* capabilities. Within SUN, there are three different AI-based methodologies for robust and flexible production forecasting:

  1. Automated Decline Curve Analysis (DCA): A data-driven workflow that can automatically perform multi-segment DCA for wells and is mainly used to estimate reserves. (figure 1)
  2. ML-based Parametric Models: Assume a functional form for production profile (e.g., Arp equation) & build ML models to predict model parameters. It is mainly used for planning new acreages (e.g., well spacing, completion design optimization). (figure 2)
  3. DL-based Time Series Models: Performs probabilistic multi-step forecasts for oil, gas, and water rates using a proprietary Encoder-Decoder deep-learning architecture. It is mainly used for actively managing producing wells, optimizing OPEX, and planning workovers. (figure 3)

SUN - Time Series

SpeedWise® Unconventionals Features

  • SUN integrates the powerful capabilities of SpeedWise® Decline Curve and more, such as vanilla machine learning and deep learning (Recurrent Neural Networks), for flexible probabilistic production forecasts.
  • Automatic feature extraction (spacing calculations, geo-parameters extraction from logs and maps, etc.)
  • Unmatched data processing capabilities (Data imputation, categorical encoding, decorrelator, dimensionality reduction, etc.).
  • Integration of SpeedWise® ML platform that embeds robust, explainable, trained ML models for accurate predictive analysis.
  • Economics sensitivity analysis with risk quantification.
  • Interactive web-based dashboards.
SpeedWise Unconventionals - Workflow

The SUN Workflow. SpeedWise® Unconventionals has been utilized successfully in planning and improving performance of several giant unconventional oil or gas fields around the world.

*Quantile Regression U.S. patent no. 1050832

The Benefits of SpeedWise Unconventionals

Capital Efficiency Driven by AI

Capital efficiency opportunities driven by well interference analysis, EUR analysis, and spacing optimization.

Lightning Fast and Scalable

Automated data QC and feature engineering (spacing calculations, geo-parameters extraction from logs and maps, etc.).

Smart Data Integration

Make decisions with confidence: deconvolute impact of geology, spacing, and completion parameters on well performance.

Collaborative and Efficient

10x or more in efficiency gain: do more in less time as most of the heavy lifting is done by SUN.

Better Risk Management

Better Accuracy/Risk Mitigation: explore 100s of scenarios and quantify uncertainty*.

Obtain Operational Efficiency

Optimize well operating conditions to improve capital efficiency (increase production/reduce OPEX).