About APN Partner and Amazon Web Services

With high-performance compute options powered by machine learning, Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables organizations to undergo broad digital transformations with modern, cloud-native solutions. Together, QRI’s SpeedWise® SaaS solutions and the cloud-based services offered by AWS create increased scalability and security, suitable to be used by businesses of all sizes. Organizations take full advantage of the speed, real-time collaborative features and powerful data integration capabilities leveraged by SpeedWise® Reservoir Opportunity and SpeedWise® Machine Learning. At the same time, organizations can take comfort in using a secure cloud infrastructure from AWS, where AWS partners must also meet strict guidelines in order to ensure the security of their customer’s data.

QRI’s SpeedWise® SaaS solutions leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to automate complex workflows, identify gaps and obstacles, mitigate risks and illuminate opportunities in your data:

SpeedWise® Reservoir Opportunity (SRO) is an AI-powered, cloud-native platform that applies advanced computational algorithms and data mining techniques on multi-disciplinary datasets to automatically identify a ranked list of remaining field development opportunities. These opportunities include recompletion behind-pipe, reactivation, vertical new drill locations, sidetrack options, and deviated/horizontal targets.
A Customer Success Story - Using Automated ML and AI to Reduce Catalog Update Workflow by Over 90% in a Mature Field

SpeedWise® ML (SML) is QRI’s enterprise machine learning solution for solving any universal oil & gas problem. SML is a web-based platform hosted in the AWS secure cloud-native environment, and can be accessed from anywhere, empowering anyone in any size oil and gas company to conduct cutting-edge machine learning practices and predictive analytics.
A Customer Success Story - Using AI and ML to Predict Production in the Illinois Basin

The Benefits of Machine Learning with SpeedWise


Build ML Models 10x Faster

Smart AutoML technology finds the optimal model configuration for your models automatically.


Smart Data Processing

Quickly process and clean data needed for ML. Options to autopilot smart data processing are also provided.


Maximize ML via Collaboration

A collaborative platform makes sharing data and models across organizational teams as easy as a button click.