To fully maximize value from any oil field, best practices in reservoir management and technology deployment are required. Reservoir Management Rating (RMR®) is a structured approach used to assess the quality of the reservoir management being employed in the recovery of hydrocarbons from a particular reservoir. It is comprised of a unique presentation of metrics, indices and quality measures, and addresses the key reservoir management elements of design, value enhancement and performance monitoring.

By providing a numerical assessment of critical reservoir performance parameters using closed-form equations, essential questions and risk factors, RMR® can quantify the quality of a complex process as well as evaluate the quality of alternative solutions in a standardized and internally consistent manner. The effectiveness of RMR® is based on its unique combination of metrics. These emphasize the fundamental areas of reservoir performance while filtering out noncritical parameters that add noise to the evaluation process.

The RMR® score can be used to benchmark and improve both field development designs and working operations. This process ensures that short- and long-term views are being consistently maintained for an asset. By spanning both design and operating phases, RMR® checks that value is continually being anticipated and advanced.