When millions of dollars in production and cost savings is at stake, Reservoir Management Stewardship® should be standard practice for all producing assets. RCAA+ or Reservoir Management Stewardship® is a QRI service that ensures best-in-class reservoir management of an asset. The model is an extension of RCAA®, and is the prime driving engine for what QRI does, guiding us to ways we can optimize fuel development plans that increase production, maximize reserves and increase capital efficiency.

RCAA+ or Reservoir Management Stewardship is a form of Reservoir Management that is proactive and metrics-based. This approach is based on a systematic and continual application of clear guidelines that encompass:

  • Asset development and operations principles
  • Data acquisition and surveillance requirements
  • Technology requirements
  • Risk-management measures
  • Due diligence and cold-eye review provisions

As part of our advisory and Reservoir Management Stewardship® service, QRI offers an Executive Reservoir Assessment® (ERA®). ERA® is a proprietary reservoir diagnostic tool used for screening field portfolios and quickly identifying where risk and opportunity exist.