Identifying Reservoir Opportunities Using Automated Well Selection and Ranking

World Oil • HAMED DARABI, WASSIM BENHALLAM, JOHANNA SMITH, AMIR SALEHI and DAVID CASTINEIRA, Quantum Reservoir Impact; EMMANUEL GRINGARTEN, Emerson Automation Solutions • 10/2020

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Successful reservoir management requires an up-to-date inventory of candidate opportunities that an engineering team can pursue to meet expected production targets. They include reperforations, drilling a new well, or a sidetrack. Finding the best solutions requires combining geological knowledge, reservoir behavior, production history, completion information, and multi-disciplinary know-how. The conventional process of gathering, vetting and analyzing data is labor-intensive and generally takes several months. It requires the use of multiple software applications, making collaboration difficult and often leading to an unreliable set of candidates. Also, it is complicated to look at multiple scenarios under different hypotheses and leaves little time to rigorously vet options under review.

SpeedWise® Reservoir Opportunity (SRO)* is an AI-based technology, the result of a collaboration between Emerson and Quantum Reservoir Impact (QRI). The technology automates steps, typically performed during the selection of field development candidates, by applying advanced algorithms and AI/ML to multi-disciplinary datasets, enabling teams to rapidly review alternatives by leveraging cloud computing. This cloud-native platform enables all members of an asset team to collaboratively assess field development possibilities.

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* U.S. Patent Pending