Artificial Intelligence Platform Accelerates Reservoir Opportunity Identification

HART Energy • Amir Salehi, Lichi Deng and Hamed Darabi, Quantum Reservoir Impact; and Emmanuel Gringarten, Emerson • 06/14/2021

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Today’s AI-based cloud-enabled technology is designed to help oil and gas operators implement a practical digitalization strategy in the areas of reservoir management and field development planning.

Successful reservoir management often requires the identification of actionable field development opportunities. The outcome of this process helps the asset team meet production targets and improves recovery efficiency and reserves. Field development planning generally requires multidiscipline collaboration on top of a deep understanding of the target reservoir (geological complexity, production history, etc.). Therefore, the conventional approach has always been time-consuming and labor-intensive, as an abundance of manpower is needed for data gathering and analyzing as well as for vetting the results.

In this article featured on HARTenergy.com, SpeedWise® Reservoir Opportunity is presented as an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled cloud-native platform that performs rapid and effective reservoir opportunity identification.

About SpeedWise® Reservoir Opportunity (SRO)
SRO is built upon advanced AI/machine learning (ML) algorithms that are applied to multidisciplinary datasets. The technology streamlines multiple complex geological and engineering workflows, such as bypassed pay identification, drainage analysis, production forecast and others. Learn more about SpeedWise® Reservoir Opportunity here.