Amphos 21 Wins First Prize in the 'SmartCatalonia Challenge' of Water Management Leveraging SpeedWise® ML

QRI Media • 02/25/2021

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Amphos 21 receives first prize among 40 competitors in the ‘SmartCatalonia Challenge’, awarded by Catalan Water Agency (ACA) as part of their Smart Water Initiative. The focus of the competition was to improve water management and efficiency through the application of innovative technological solutions.

Amphos 21 created an early warning system able to predict the presence of pollutants in water, detecting contamination before the water reached the Barcelona wastewater treatment plant. The solution, named Aqua Learning, was created with the help of QRI’s cloud-based "Machine Learning" technology, SpeedWise® ML (SML). Using SML, they were able to build an advanced machine learning model that could be used to predict contamination in groundwater and surface waters. Normally, the process of testing the water for high levels of pollution is very time consuming, where water samples are manually analyzed in a lab. Building a predictive model using existing data with SML, Amphos 21 created a solution that can quickly identify pollution in water to help mitigate the risk of contaminated water infiltrating a wastewater treatment facility.

As a result of winning first prize for their innovative and efficient solution, Amphos 21 will be awarded an opportunity to do a pilot test on the ground with the Catalan Water Agency.

About Amphos 21
Amphos 21 offers scientific, technical and strategic consulting for environmental, economic and social development. Amphos 21 CEO, Lara Duro describes the organization’s driving force as “reducing the environmental impact associated with industrial and economic activities needed for the development of our society”. This is accomplished through integrated, innovative and efficient solutions developed with a quantitative approach. Amphos 21 has recently been acquired by RSK, an international leader in the engineering and environmental consulting field.

About SpeedWise® ML
Powered by Quantum Reservoir Impact’s (QRI) enterprise-grade automatic machine learning algorithm, SpeedWise® ML is a web-based software platform allowing everyone and every company to conduct cutting-edge machine learning practices and predictive analysis. Through the platform, everyone, with or without a deep understanding of machine learning, will be able to deliver high-quality production-level models through a few mouse clicks within minutes, without typing a single line of code. SpeedWise® ML can be used by any company or organization that has data that is not yet fully exploited.

The SmartCatalonia Challenge is promoted by the Department of Digital Policies within the framework of the SmartCatalonia strategy, to encourage SMEs and emerging technology companies to create solutions that respond to the challenges posed by municipalities and entities in the country. - EFE