Oil & Gas Journal and OffShore Magazine Feature QRI in their Managing Assets Digitally Feature

Oil & Gas Journal • 12/01/2019

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QRI's new profile story was featured in Oil & Gas Journal's January Forecast & Review issue and also in accompanying supplement,"Managing Assets Digitally". In the article, learn how QRI is leading the industry by applying augmented AI and machine learning to automate fresh designs of complex workflows.

The digital age focuses on efficiency in every aspect of business. Creating value through efficiency requires the right data to be available to the right tool - whether the human brain or a machine – at the right speed and within the right process. Technologies have converged to make that extreme efficiency a reality today. Hard technologies like sensors and size of digital devices are now at economic price points, and powerful soft technologies offer evermore growing avenues to take advantage of them.

Quantum Reservoir Impact (QRI) uses these soft technologies to help companies be agile enough to make faster, more informed decisions. QRI’s No. 1 principle is to create the maximum value for their clients – a principle which has been well implemented. QRI’s work has generated an estimated $75 billion in additional value for their clients to date.