RCAA - Reservoir Competency Asymmetric Assessment® provides a perspective not found elsewhere in the industry.  Our service utilizes robust patented proprietary diagnostics allowing us to be proactive, reach solutions quickly, and create value for our clients. Our RCAA service incorporates algorithms, leading metrics, best-in-class practices, collaborative workshop formats, and reservoir-driven processes, all leading to a tailored plan of action for increasing production and reserves while contributing to greater sustainability and minimizing environmental impact.



The key elements are:

Field Development Design & Reengineering

Field development integrity is fundamental to achieving high rates of return. QRI focuses on design criteria for field development — an area that has been largely overlooked in the industry.

Strategic Assessment

Long-term excellence is a hallmark of our reservoir management process. Risk assessment and contingency planning form the basis for understanding the consequences of production forecasts and reserves estimates.

Knowledge Systems

QRI offers various technologies for knowledge-sharing and capitalizes on engineering intellect to improve the technical capability of the clients’ workforce.

Operational Excellence & Due Diligence

RCAA takes a high-level approach to problem solving during planning, implementation, and operations with the result that high-value opportunities are captured throughout the reservoir management cycle.