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QRI is a unique organization. It is neither an IOC nor a Services Provider. IOCs are motivated to share production and book reserves. Services Providers promote products and services. In contrast, with reservoir management as our core service platform, QRI is fully aligned with our client's goals and objectives, whether they are IOCs, NOCs, or Service Providers needing a world-class technical team.

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Tackling Difficult Technical Challenges

QRI provides proprietary intellectual property and global experience to tackle difficult issues across conventional and unconventional resources from shale to deep offshore. We bring together industry experts to deliver rapid diagnostics and solutions for our upstream oil and gas clients. QRI also serves the capital investment industry by creating value through risk mitigation strategies, M&A advisory services, asset evaluations, portfolio performance analyses, and much more.

Focused Solutions in a Fraction of the Time

We pride ourselves on the speed with which we get results. Engagements can range from a two-week assessment to a multi-year strategic partnership. Our top industry talent, together with our patented-processes and metrics, allow us to rapidly review your assets, identify critical issues and remedies, pinpoint cost savings opportunities and more. Our long-term advisory engagements are designed to help you achieve maximum recoveries, mitigate risks, and solve problems, while minimizing expenses and environmental impact.

A Very Simple Definition of Value Creation

QRI creates value in the form of increases in production, reserves and capital efficiency. This is our value proposition to the industry.

Value Creation through Production Sustainability

QRI has found a way to maximize and enhance the extraction of oil at each phase of the life cycle: faster ramp-up time, longer plateaus of production and slower declines.

Application of modern reservoir management best practices generates not only opportunities for rapidly raising production levels, but also achieves and sustains forecasted targets.

QRI enhances value at each stage of oilfield life cycleQRI provides a comprehensive forecasting methodology allowing our clients to scientifically establish, track and monitor production targets. Targets can be assigned by asset, complex or portfolio depending on the project focus. Modern reservoir management practices are then applied in line with client and industry benchmarks. Multi-disciplinary workshops and reservoir management training round out the programs.

Value Creation through Reserves Appreciation

Historically, the ability to find new oil reserves and develop them in a cost-effective manner has been a contributing factor to the failure of the industry to improve recovery rates beyond current levels. However, the historic model no longer fits in today's world.

The industry often has difficulty accurately capturing 1P reserves and is notoriously poor in identifying and capturing 2P reserves and beyond. QRI has a proven track record in the capture of 1P, 2P and even 3P reserves among giant oil fields.

Quantum Reservoir Impact well simulation

By extracting more oil from existing wells and rejuvenating old ones with new processes, metrics and technologies, the industry can be improved. QRI has developed strategies for exploiting existing reservoirs.

QRI's proprietary metrics and key performance indicators identify and capture all possible reserves. This occurs through the appropriate use of technology and modern reservoir management best practices.

We identify and capture missed opportunities by targeting Alpha. Alpha is performance both in oil production and reserves that is above what our client's field can attain by using conventional industry practices. We have a multi-tiered engagement process that allows us to work with our clients in identifying these Alpha opportunities and designing ways to capture them.

QRI's formula for supplemental recovery has created an opportunity to defer abandonment and increase recovery. That translates to billions of dollars in many cases.

Value Creation through Capital Efficiency

The use of reservoir management tenets helps optimize resources such as drilling rigs, surface facilities, offshore platforms, water and gas recycling, compression, and power requirements.

QRI provides portfolio and asset ranking to assist in gap analysis. This ranking employs QRI's proprietary leading and lagging metrics. The gap analysis takes into consideration technical capabilities with geological and operational complexity. Value is derived from optimized resource acquisition and allocation.

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