Targeted Advisory

QRI Targeted Advisory Services

A multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience will review and assess your current field development plan, ultimately designing a strategy for long-term maximum recovery. QRI's investigative process, RCAA®, ensures that the fundamental physics of recovery are captured and understood.

The Full Spectrum of Services

QRI brings a full spectrum of services to the table, which sets us apart from others in the industry. We have a track record of providing the right resources for the right applications and addressing the key capabilities our client's assets. Every client is different, and our analysis and resulting solutions will ultimately depend on our initial assessment and the client's needs.

Reservoir Characterization

    QRI's Reservoir Characterization services encompass geophysics, log analysis and advanced petrophysical modeling, giving our clients deeper insight into their reservoir, including an improved understanding of uncertainties.

Reservoir Simulation

    QRI's Reservoir Simulation services provide our clients with advanced reservoir management support, mentoring, and assistance with dynamic model development.

Drilling and Completion

Well Productivity

    QRI's Well Productivity services will optimize our client's wellbores to effectively evaluate and optimize exploitation of their reservoirs.

Facility Engineering

    The goal of QRI's Facility Engineering services is to propose facility improvements that increase facility safety, capacity, reliability and operational efficiency.

Reserves Evaluation

    QRI's Reserves Evaluation services provide our clients with an optimal reserves booking strategy and field development plan, including guidance on how to maintain healthy annual reserves replacement and migration.

Actionable Deliverables

Our clients receive detailed reports that include findings, conclusions and recommendations based on the work performed/services rendered. Reports provide technical support for all recommendations. Beyond QRI's monthly reports of performed activities, we transfer our innovative processes to our clients, and provide numerous workshops and seminars that will help to convey information in an interactive dialogue.