Dr. Randolph J. Martin

Co-founder New England Research, Inc. (NER)

QRI Associate - Dr. Randolph J. Martin

Dr. Randolph Martin co-founded New England Research, Inc. (NER) in 1985 to address industry needs for advanced core analysis and petrophysics. NER applies experimental data on rocks at all scales to provide physically based solutions for the energy industry. NER's data-driven approach emphasizes the integration of petrophysics, rock mechanics, geophysics, and geology, through development and application of physical modeling.

Much of Dr. Martin's current activities are based on the application and refinement of several proprietary tools, including NER's AutoLab and AutoScan test systems and NER's patented Pore Structure Inversion (PSI) analysis software. PSI generated rock models are being used for pore structure based rock type identification, prediction of saturation and recovery, and improved analysis of NMR logging data.

Dr. Martin and his colleagues perform high quality physical properties measurements (e.g., strength, velocity, permeability, electrical conductivity) at in situ conditions. Petrophysical heterogeneity is quantified using NER's AutoScan test system, an advanced petrophysical core scanner which measures spatial variability of flow, electrical, and elastic properties. These data are integrated with core and log data to support NER's unique value added analysis that is offered to clients as part of NER's core measurement services. Much of the integrated work flow was developed on carbonates with the support of Saudi Aramco.

From 1978-1985 he was an Associate Professor of Geophysics at Pennsylvania State University. He offered graduate level courses in rock mechanics, the chemical and mechanical effects of fluids in the upper crust, and rock magnetism.  He is a past recipient of the Research Award, National Research Council, Committee for Rock Mechanics. Dr. Martin has published numerous papers on coupled processes, particularly the influence of pore structure on fluid flow, rock strength, and piezomagnetism.

Ph.D., Geology and Geophysics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.S., Geology and Geophysics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.S., Geology and Geophysics, Boston College
Key Awards: 
Recipient of the Research Award, National Research Council, Committee for Rock Mechanics
Professional Experience: 
28+ years industry experience