Well Productivity

QRI Targeted Advisory Services

QRI's Well Productivity services will optimize our client's wellbores to effectively evaluate and optimize exploitation of their reservoirs. We will provide geological and reservoir engineering review of stacked pay opportunities, utilize QRI's Full Wellbore Lifecycle Operational Planning, provide drilling and completion support and advice in the application of novel drilling and completion technologies. The goal of this service is to increase well productivity, reduce production decline, reduce well costs, and enhance rig utilization.


  • Optimize the use of new and existing wellbores for the most effective evaluation and optimum exploitation of reservoirs
  • Incorporate regimented wellbore planning into asset teams
  • Recommend optimum artificial lift designs for a select group of wells with the purpose of improving productivity and efficiency as well as saving costs.
  • Analyze the sensitivity to potential changes such as fluid composition and reservoir pressure over time
  • Consider local availability of technology and experience for chosen artificial lift operations
  • Apply completion best practices to maximize well productivity
  • Employ state-of-the-art completion technologies
  • Solve sand control problems when they occur
  • Extend well productive life
  • Enhance reservoir contact
  • Control unwanted fluids
  • Increased well productivity
  • Reduced maintainence and recompletion costs


  • Increase well productivity
  • Reduce production decline (longer flatter plateaus)
  • Reduce well costs
  • Enhance rig utilization
  • Possible reserves additions
  • Increased well productivity
  • Optimum ESP design for a group of select wells
  • Enhanced longevity and operational flexibility
  • Optimum gas lift design for a group of select wells