The History of Quantum Reservoir Impact

“What if we can bring a sharper, smarter focus to reservoirs?”

This was the simple idea upon which QRI was founded.  It was Dr. Nansen G. Saleri’s vision, and the reason he founded QRI.

Dr. Saleri, former head of Reservoir Management for Saudi Aramco and who himself is internationally recognized as the industry’s preeminent authority on the subject, assembled a “dream team” that embraced his vision and recognized its potential.  He brought together industry experts and academic heavyweights to collectively analyze, design and develop superior reservoir management practices. The focus: using a science-based approach to design processes and metrics that would allow us to analyze fields quickly and effectively—identifying gaps, mitigating risks and targeting opportunities.

Today, Dr. Saleri’s vision has come to fruition, creating value for our customers in the form of higher hydrocarbon recoveries, greater production performance, improved efficacies of capital programs, and the delivery of superior environmental policies. 

QRI - Oil Recovery



Key Results

To date, QRI currently advises on the management of 2.9 million BOE or ~3% of global oil production. We have clients that span across North America, Asia and the Middle East.