QRI's Guiding Principles


To be the Global Leader in Upstream Value Creation

Quantum Values

Global Leader in Upstream Oil & Gas Value Creation
  1. Creating maximum value for our clients
  2. Delivering unbiased, science-based, simple and effective solutions
  3. Leveraging top talent, relentless reinvention, and intellectual excellence to enhance QRI's value and global impact
  4. Assuring fiscal anti-fragility – being cost-effective but focused on sustainable profitability
  5. Embracing a free, selfless, QRI-first esprit de corps committed to winning as a team
  6. Nurturing a non-consensus, playful culture – argumentative, self-critical, respectful, inclusive, keen on achieving QRI's goals
  7. Being fair, ethical, safe, and loyal
  8. Knowing the short- and long-term, intended and unintended, consequences of our actions
  9. Being model citizens in the communities we serve and good stewards of Mother Earth