Analysis for Valuation & Asset Performance

The value of an oil and gas company is primarily determined by its reserves, level of production, and commodity price at the time of assessment. QRI's world-wide experience is un-matched in performing technical and commercial evaluations for oil & gas assets. Our proprietary metrics, processes and SpeedWise technologies quickly give our clients insight into their conventional reservoir (SpeedWise Diagnostics®), unconventional play (SpeedWise Unconventionals®), or asset portfolio (SpeedWise Portfolio®). Our analysis detects trends in production performance, uncovers development opportunities and assesses the value of our client's assets. We can provide analysis in 2-4 weeks depending on a variety of factors.

QRI's other analytic & evaluative services: Evaluative Services

  • M&A advisory: QRI takes an in-depth look at the geology of the asset
  • Capital application & portfolio performance analysis: QRI provides an aggregate analysis of our client's reserves
  • Litigation support services: QRI provides unbiased, technical, commercial and financial analysis of the assets involved in arbitration.
  • Underlying credit evaluation: reserves representation against what is lent or borrowed
  • Investment opportunity assessments for asset acquisitions and divestitures
  • Capturing missed opportunities by targeting Alpha or performance that is above what your fields can attain by using conventional industry practices