QRI's Environmental Stewardship

Quantum Reservoir Impact environmental practices

Stewardship and prudent custodianship of hydrocarbon resources necessitate a well-crafted system of due diligence in reservoir management, which translates into higher ultimate recovery, as well as enhanced reliability of production performance.

QRI hydrocarbon extraction programs are designed for sustainability and longevity. These programs have recovery factors that far exceed industry standards. The QRI talent network has extensive knowledge and success in the stewardship of national hydrocarbons and is highly sensitive to the important leadership role NOCs play within their respective countries.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

Our reservoir management stewardship approach focuses on environmentally friendly practices. Most notably, these practices help to reduce water production, improve gas recycling, conserve energy, minimize surface footprint, and minimize artificial lift.

QRI’s smarter upstream extraction designs can mitigate surface facility risks and costs. For example, optimized lift designs can reduce power consumption, while better well placement can diminish future water or gas production. While these and other environmentally friendly practices are attractive as they generate value for our client, QRI believes that the benefit for the planet is even greater.

Quantum Reservoir Impact environmental practices

QRI’s resource recovery and energy efficiency goals are to:

  • Mitigate water cuts.
  • Reduce water handling, gas cycling, flaring, and total energy consumption.
  • Protect underground and surface resources—fresh water, soil, wildlife, and the air we breathe.
  • Ensure the health and safety of our workforce and the public.


QRI Stewardship Principles:

QRI is a value creation company.  We do our very best to protect the environment in the conduct of all our business activities. These ethical standards guide our thinking and practices in our quest to provide more energy to the world.

The Environment

We will make every effort — technical, intellectual, social — to protect the environment for both current and future generations.

Resource Recovery

It took millions of years to generate earth's hydrocarbon resources. We vigorously embrace our professional responsibility as its stewards.  We are committed to the responsible and most efficient recovery of the planet's hydrocarbon resources.

Health and Safety

In all our business activities we will do our utmost to protect the health and safety of our workforce and the public we serve. We will anticipate and mitigate any threats to the fullest extent of best practices and technologies.