QRI Associates

  • Ted Izatt - QRI Chief Investment Officer

    Ted A. Izatt

    Former Chief Investment Officer

    Ted A. Izatt was the No. 1 ranked Institutional Investor All-American fixed income analyst for energy for six years prior to joining QRI. Institutional Investor highlighted his outstanding credentials,...

  • Dr. Randolph Martin - QRI Associate

    Dr. Randolph J. Martin

    Co-founder New England Research, Inc. (NER)

    Dr. Randolph Martin co-founded New England Research, Inc. (NER) in 1985 to address industry needs for advanced core analysis and petrophysics. NER applies experimental...

  • Dr. Sébastien Matringe - QRI Reservoir Management and Innovation

    Dr. Sébastien F. Matringe

    Former Vice President, Quantum Technologies

    Sébastien Matringe previously was a reservoir engineer with Chevron, where he worked on numerous field development projects including...

  • Servet Unalmiser - QRI Associate

    Servet Unalmiser

    Former Principal Petroleum Engineering Consultant / Saudi Aramco

    Servet Unalmiser retired from Saudi Aramco as a Senior Consultant on July 1st, 2005. Before joining Saudi Aramco in 1980, he worked for the Mineral and...