QRI Associates

  • Dr. M. Tunc Aktan - Associate Petroleum Engineering Consultant

    Dr. M. Tunc Aktan

    Principal Petroleum Engineering Consultant

    Dr. M. Tunc Aktan has been working as a reservoir engineering consultant since retiring from Chevron after 25 years of service. Dr. Aktan started his...

  • Dr. Joseph Ault - QRI Associate

    Dr. Joseph W. Ault

    Former Head of Corporate Reserves, Chevron

    Dr. Joseph Ault retired in 2006 from Chevron after 35 years. During his career with Chevron, he held several production/engineering upstream assignments, including technology positions...

  • Bryan Bartlett - QRI Associate

    Bryan C. Bartlett

    Former Chief Engineer, Saudi Aramco

    Bryan Bartlett, who is currently a private consultant and public speaker, has worked in the oil, gas and engineering industry for over 35 years. His principle areas of expertise center on...

  • Dr. Peter G. Christman - QRI Chief Reservoir Engineer

    Dr. Peter G. Christman

    Former Chief Reservoir Engineer, QRI

    Dr. Peter Christman has over 29 years of experience working for Shell in reservoir management and development in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs....

  • Carl Glaw, CPA - QRI Associate

    W. Carl Glaw Jr., CPA

    Founder and Managing Partner | GLO CPAs, LLLP

    For nearly 30 years, W. Carl Glaw has proven his ability to create high-value, mutually-beneficial relationships and his proactive approach to financial solutions have provided value...

  • Ted Izatt - QRI Chief Investment Officer

    Ted A. Izatt

    Former Chief Investment Officer

    Ted A. Izatt was the No. 1 ranked Institutional Investor All-American fixed income analyst for energy for six years prior to joining QRI. Institutional Investor highlighted his outstanding credentials,...