World's Foremost Experts in Reservoir Management

We employ the best talent the industry has to offer. Our executives, senior-level professionals, scholars and associates bring over 4,000 years of global experience, as well as industry-recognized success to QRI. With more than 90 advanced degrees - including over 42 PhDs - our world-class talent bring a sharper, smarter focus to reservoir management.


The QRI Leadership team was hand-picked based on their technical acumen, interpersonal skills, analytical abilities, integrity, and results-driven behaviors.  They are experienced running divisions in major oil companies, and have worked with some of the most complex reservoirs in the world.  QRI leaders are business savvy, solidly committed to the company's success, and passionately believe in the ability of employees, consultants, scholars, and associates to accomplish spectacular things together.

Our Scholars and Associates

President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Nansen G. Saleri built strong alliances with industry thought leaders with one compelling goal in mind--to significantly expand the value creation potential in the oil and gas industry. We partner with the world's leading oil and gas thinkers in leading universities including 27 scholars and associates who are widely respected in the industry. QRI's Scholars and Associates are world-renowned scientists and engineers who have managed some of the largest and most complex fields in the world.