Dr. Robert M. Toronyi
Chief Engineer

Dr. Robert Toronyi worked for Chevron for over 30 years for every one of its upstream companies and affiliates, gaining both a wealth and breadth of knowledge of modern international oil company technology activities. He was Chevron's Reservoir Management premier technical expert for both its domestic and international companies. He headed Chevron's international technology activities, which spans all corners of the globe and, in particular, its business development opportunities in Kuwait.

Dr. Toronyi was a member of Chevron's Reserves Advisory Committee and its Reservoir Management Assurance team for major capital projects. He was part of a team which is revamping Chevron's reservoir management efforts to improve its production performance and reserves replacement. As project manager for Chevron's Kuwait business development, Dr. Toronyi worked closely with senior oil officials to improve the long-term production performance of the Burgan oilfield, the second largest oilfield in the world.