Dr. David Castiñeira
Chief Technology Officer

Dr. David Castiñeira is a technology leader with over 10 years of experience. He was previously the leader of the Quantum Analytics group at QRI, and prior to that he worked as a co-leader of the Innovation Group. Before becoming Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Castiñeira spent 2 years at Harvard and MIT conducting research on new computational models and machine learning techniques (with direct applications to earthquake predictions and Alzheimer disease’s evaluations). Before joining QRI, Dr. Castiñeira worked for the R&D department at Shell International Exploration and Production Inc., where he developed and applied new quantitative analytical methods for reservoir management. During his career, he has worked on multidisciplinary, multinational teams of engineers and geophysicists who added value to different geologically complex fields in the US, Mexico, Kuwait, China, Nigeria, Malaysia, and North Sea.

David has published numerous papers on engineering applications for the oil and gas industry.