Strategic Assessment

QRI's Strategic Assessment looks at the challenges and opportunities to increase production using QRI's Reservoir Competency Asymmetric Analysis (RCAA®) methodology through close collaboration with the client's asset teams. We also provide an assessment and diagnosis of the reasons for flat/declining oil production and an implementation program for reservoir management. This includes production sustainability for the total portfolio through enhanced development of top assets, and reserves replacement in the long term through depletion plans which maximize ultimate recovery.

Best-in-Class Reservoir Management Strategic Assessment

Our Strategic Assessment entails high-level strategic planning, with an emphasis on world-class reservoir management practices, technology deployment, and depletion planning for assets throughout our client's portfolio. The broad aim of this initiative is to improve reservoir management practices company-wide, with specific emphasis on identifying opportunities to raise ultimate recovery efficiency.

  • New well locations
  • Improved well design
  • Workovers, stimulation treatments, and artificial lift optimizations
  • Re-opening of shut-in wells
  • Rate controls/cyclic production for breakthrough control
  • Implementation and/or optimization of secondary recovery strategies
  • Aggressive surveillance and data collection to track fluid contacts and sweep efficiency

Embark Upon a New Venue for Growth

The purpose of this assessment is to look at various crude production and reserves growth scenarios for our client. This is done through a systematic methodology integrating technology requirements, metrics, risks, logistics, reservoir complexities and capital constraints. Equivalent capital programs can create considerably different production and economic outcomes.

Achieving the best results depends on the strategies chosen in reservoir management, technology, risk management and partner selection. Ultimately, this service is intended to help our client achieve maximum sustainable hydrocarbon output.