The Saleri Doctrine: An Oil Man Seeks US Energy Independence

AOL Energy • December 6, 2011 • by Peter Gardett

Dr. Nansen Saleri talks with AOL Energy about the future of U.S. energy resources and the technology needed to effectively utilize them.

Dr. Saleri emphasized how little is known about the impact of current technology developments. At the forefront of helping industry leaders grapple with the scale of new resources like shale gas, Saleri has an unusual take on the problems facing the US energy sector which he says should, by tradition, be leading the world.

"The US doesn't have an energy problem, it has an energy management problem," Saleri says. "The landscape is on the verge of changing favorably for the US and for the world in energy."

The changes reflect new technologies and they are reshaping exploitation of unconventional resources like shale plays, Saleri says.