The Power is in our Analytics

QRI uses our expertise in machine learning and big data analytics to gain valuable insights from voluminous and often contradictory data. Reservoir diagnostics, drilling and completions decisions, and production optimization all rely on pinpointed analyses that must be delivered in real time. Our big data analyses help clients improve the accuracy and speed of their decisions, and ultimately accelerate financial returns on capital.

Speed cannot be understated as a key component of big data analytics.

QRI has patented processes for high-impact reservoir diagnostics using our proprietary SpeedWise® technology. With the SpeedWise® innovative workflow, we can organize and process large datasets to illuminate reservoir problems and identify development opportunities. The time to understand complex field issues has decreased from months to days.

Experience, knowledge and innovation built on the fundamentals of reservoir management.

Theory and application are an incredibly powerful mix. Interwoven into QRI's processes and layered on top of our technologies is the human element, our vast industry experience and knowledge of complex reservoirs around the world. We're engineers and academics coming from all fields of expertise in the industry. QRI brings together the right resources for the right applications to mitigate risk and preserve capital gains.

Some of the proprietary processes and exclusive metrics that support our analysis include:

Reservoir Competency Asymmetric Assessment® (RCAA®)

    Our RCAA service utilizes robust patented proprietary diagnostics allowing us to be proactive, reach solutions quickly, and create value for our clients. This service provides a perspective not found elsewhere in the industry. Learn more »

Reservoir Management Stewardship® (RCAA+®)

    The Reservoir Management Stewardship (RCAA+) service ensures best-in-class reservoir management of an asset. It's a proactive approach of continuous learning, where key processes are identified and continual improvements are made. QRI's unique leading metrics (embodied in RMR® and RCAA®) are primarily used in the process.

Reservoir Management Rating® (RMR®)

    Our RMR service is a structured approach used to assess the quality of the reservoir management being employed in the recovery of hydrocarbons from a particular reservoir. Learn more »

Reservoir Management Execution® (RMX®)

    The Reservoir Management Execution (RMX) service includes documentation that captures the important information relating to Reservoir Management Stewardship (RCAA+). This service provides a framework to ensure technical quality and reservoir management guidelines are being followed.

Recovery Design Assessment® (RDA®)

    Quantum Reservoir Impact's RDA service identifies Key Recovery Obstacles (KRO) and Field Development Opportunities (FDO). KRO are major impediments to achieving maximum recovery efficiency. FDO define a clear strategy to address obstacles and result in improved recovery efficiency.
    The Global Benchmark Analysis establishes a field's ideal recovery efficiency through comparisons with global benchmarks of similar geologic complexity as measured using the Geo-Technical Index®.

Reserves Ranking Analytics® (RRA®)

    The Reserves Ranking Analytics (RRA®) service utilizes QRI's proprietary questionnaires such as ERA®, ERA-X™ and Q6™ to collect detailed information on each reservoir. This information is then assembled and analyzed using metrics such as Geo-Technical Index®, Reservoir Development Quality Index (RDQI®) amongst others. Based on the trends identified a subset of metrics will then be chosen as screening parameters for selecting a top tier of fields that have the highest potential impact on our client's portfolio.

Reservoir Management Competency AssessmentTM (RMCATM)

    RMCA is a service that provides a scorecard for reservoir management practices in a field. Analytics from SpeedWise Diagnostics®  enable an assessment of reservoir management practices using the Reservoir Management Competency Scoring methodology. The objective of this approach is to numerically quantify the quality and effectiveness of reservoir management, using key metrics calculated based on observed data at the field level, well level, and reservoir level.

Recovery Deficiency Indicator® (RDI®)

    Our RDI service is designed to quickly assess the potential for reserves increase in a producing oil reservoir. It is an effective evaluation tool intended to provide decision makers an objective, easy and rapid method to grade the current recovery efficiency of a particular reservoir.

Recovery Deficiency Indicator® (RDI®)

    Our RDI service is designed to quickly assess the potential for reserves increase in a producing oil reservoir. It is an effective evaluation tool intended to provide decision makers an objective, easy and rapid method to grade the current recovery efficiency of a particular reservoir.

Reservoir Management Factor® (RMF®)

    Our RMF service assesses the financial value gained in a project through reservoir management.

Production Gain Index® (PGI®)

    Our PGI service is designed to quickly estimate the net gain in oil rate for a developed oil field as a result of increasing aggregate well productivity. The means by which the aggregate well productivity for a field may be increased include the drilling of additional producing wells, stimulation of existing wells, and increasing the reservoir contact of existing wells.

Technology Improvement Index (TII®)

    Our TII service reflects the application of current and advanced technologies in the areas of drilling, completions, production engineering, reservoir characterization, and reservoir surveillance. Scores are assigned based on the applicability of each technology within a field, and the level at which it has been applied. TII requires an in-depth analysis of technology utilization at the field level.

Geo-Technical Index®

    The Geo-Technical Index service captures and assesses the primary geologic complexities that drive recovery efficiency. It captures the key recovery drivers within each reservoir, for both clastic and carbonate lithologies.

Drilling Efficiency Index® (DEI®)

    Our DEI service is designed as a rapid screening tool to identify those assets, within a large portfolio, where increased or improved drilling can have the strongest and fastest impact. It is also used to gauge drilling performance.

Reservoir Development Quality Index® (RDQI®)

    Our RDQI service captures the primary field and reservoir parameters that drive recovery potential. It is designed as a screening tool to identify opportunities for increased investment within a large portfolio.

True Value Index® (TVI®)

    Our TVI service encapsulates and assesses the combined value of a project that incorporates the financial value gained due to the capital invested and the financial value gained through reservoir management.


    Quantum Reservoir Impact's PHIL service develops a field by locating production completions high in the reservoir and locating injection completions low in the reservoir. This development scheme can be applied in all types of waterfloods from pattern to peripheral.


    Quantum Reservoir Impact's AVAILS+ service provides a short-term forecasting tool designed to lead the production assurance efforts of oil companies in meeting targets. The service is composed of dashboards that highlight key performance indices, prediction capability to forecast performance on wells, reservoirs and fields, and finally a periodic reporting document that reports on deviations from expectations.

Executive Reservoir Assessment® (ERA®)

    Our ERA service screens field portfolios and quickly identifies where risk and opportunity exist. Using select leading and lagging metrics, the results of the diagnostics provide a forecast including the identification of high-level risks and begins to rank value opportunities (if any) that exist within the portfolio being analyzed. If results of the ERA are positive, further diagnostic steps may be taken. The tool delivers investors, managers, and engineers with an ultra-quick snapshot of value and risk within their portfolio thereby enabling them to be discriminate in their future development strategies or asset acquisition.

Quantum Dashboard®

    Quantum Dashboard is a reservoir management service that assists the client in proactively monitoring a reservoir through the use of an executive terminal. The terminal allows the end user to track and monitor field performance through analytics and visualizations, and dig deeper into the reservoir-based causes of current trends using advanced analytics.