Project Management

All business segments functioning at an optimal level contribute to the overall success of value creation.
QR Project Management - QRPM® can provide service in any single business project segment or all of them.

QRPM® differs from consultancies and third party operators because we combine QRI's global influence, expertise, proprietary processes and technologies with QRPM's operational excellence. An IOC quality team will work on your independent operation.

QRPM® can step in at any phase of your project:

  • Companies making a lateral move into the upstream oil & gas industry that need help building a new exploration and production company
  • Struggling operators that need help building a solid field development plan
  • Companies that are underperforming and need to identify areas of higher capital efficiency

Over 4000 years of collective experience

Our professionals have vast experience in the largest conventional and unconventional reservoir formations around the globe.

QRI's Engineers have experience aroud the world

  • Over 4000 years of top industry technical expertise in the upstream sector, particularly in best-in-class reservoir management
  • Extensive IOR/EOR experience: water-flooding, heavy oil, gas injection, polymer flooding, etc.
  • In-house proprietary technology focuses on diagnosis and development opportunities
  • Renowned Scholars and Associates Program that provides our clients with access to the world's top industry talent

QRPM - in the fieldQRI is a global value-creation service provider

Key clients produce 20% of daily global production. QRI is directly influencing Reservoir Management in 3 – 4 million barrels per day (bpd), utilizing world-class professionals and proprietary processes and technology.

  • Higher hydrocarbon recoveries
  • Greater production performance
  • Improved efficacies of capital programs
  • The delivery of superior environmental policies

QRPM® provides operational excellence

Qrpm - QR Project Management Process
QRPM employs experts in geology, reservoir engineering, drilling and completions, production and field development planning unite to implement holistic project management approach and build oil and gas operating companies for our clients from scratch.

Learn more about QRPM's process: or call us at 1.713.485.8800 and we will promptly get back with you to schedule a convenient time to meet.