Custom Solutions

Most of the world's reservoirs only recover up to 35% of the oil in place. Typically, two-thirds of your oil remains in the ground. Some of the best-managed reservoirs in the world can recover up to 60%. By applying QRI's methodologies and technologies, we help our clients optimize fuel development plans, re-designing them and then assessing the strategic issues involved. Ultimately, QRI increases production, reserves, and improves capital efficiencies using best-in-class reservoir management practices.

QRI offers two fundamental advisory services, both tailored to fit our client's needs:
Strategic Assessment and Targeted Advisory

Our Processes are Unmatched

QRI has patented processes that are extremely fast and powerful at honing in on our client's most important reservoir management issues, maximizing a reservoir's potential. We employ distinctive leading and lagging metrics that determine how much reserves are underestimated and what remedies can be implemented to engineer a turnaround, drive value creation, and improve the overall state of health for our client's operations.

Solutions that Fit Your Needs

Our advisory services are tailored to our client's needs, with the ultimate goal of understanding the DNA of their fields for long-term maximum recovery. QRI solutions include assessments and benchmarking that lead to optimized value-driven opportunities. This can also include the implementation of best-in-class stewardship models for the long-term management of your assets.

Not Just a Consultant

QRI has a unique transfer-of-knowledge methodology that our clients learn from very quickly. Projects will be completed in a manner designed to strengthen technology transfer and the sharing of best practices between QRI and client management and professionals. Stewardship will also be reinforced through QRI's reservoir management process, RCAA+®.