Perpetual Innovation

QRI - Innovation Group

Innovation Backed by Technical Expertise

Given the importance of speed in diagnosis and execution, our focus for our innovation initiative is to create super-fast, high-impact, reasonably accurate solutions in subsurface diagnostics and decision making.

QRI's Analytics Team

Using QRI's proprietary metrics and tools, our analytics team rapidly captures the major aspects of a recovery issue, exposing significant opportunities hidden among vast amounts of data. At QRI, we don't tackle technical issues from one approach, but from many different analytical approaches to arrive at a solution quickly. This is the heart of RCAA®, the foundation of our investigative process.

QRI's Innovation Group

Our innovation group is a centralized team within QRI, responsible for developing new technologies and processes for the company. These technologies derive from experience, industry acumen and solutions in the field. Our innovation group formalizes ideas from QRI success stories, ensuring that effective solutions can be translated into new technologies. These technologies and processes are redistributed and used within the company by other teams.

QRI's Scholars & Associates

Scholars & Associates - Joe Ault

Our Scholars and Associates are QRI's direct link to academia and to cutting edge ideas, new hypotheses and applications. We have the industry advantage of collaborating with professors, thought leaders and global thinkers. Our scholars and associates have won awards from numerous professional organizations, and are recognized and renowned in their field of expertise. Collectively, they are a repository of over 1,000 years of knowledge in the field of reservoir management. This is a repository that our clients have direct access to. Not only do we offer our own global experience and industry talent, our clients have the opportunity to tap into these remarkable people through their association with QRI. Our scholars and associates contribute to designing solutions that our clients feel confident in executing.