By Mark Mau and Henry Edmundson

President, CEO and Founder of Quantum Reservoir Impact, Dr. Nansen G. Saleri, is cited among industry game-changers in the book Groundbreakers - The Story of Oilfield Technology and the People Who Made it Happen. The book, by Mark Mau and Henry Edmundson, is an amazing technical journey in man's effort to find and produce oil and gas. This is the first ever, comprehensive account of how upstream technology developed. The story is packed with human drama, extraordinary innovation and oversized personalities who dared to dream. By any standards, the story is unmatched for the sheer physical and intellectual bravado of its key players.

The book relies on interviews with more than 125 technical leaders in the upstream and an exhaustive review of literature and patents since the mid-19th century. In addition, the book features timelines for exploration, drilling, reservoir engineering and production engineering innovations. There are copious endnotes and references, including an index of key players like Dr. Nansen G. Saleri. Dr. Saleri pioneered the idea of Maximum Reservoir Contact (MRC). The MRC well translated into astonishing results for Saudi Aramco, where he was head of reservoir management. Well productivity increased four-fold, and unit development costs dramatically dropped as well. MRC is an example of one tremendous upstream innovation documented in Groundbreakers.

Groundbreakers: The Story of Oilfield Technology and the People Who Made it Happen