QRI Executives

  • Simon K. Hodson - Chairman

    Simon K. Hodson


    As QRI’s co-founder and chairman, Mr. Simon K. Hodson has been a key factor in its success. He has focused most of his career on the development of new materials and processes with improved efficiency and environmental...

  • Dr. Nansen Saleri - QRI President & CEO

    Dr. Nansen G. Saleri

    President & CEO

    Dr. Nansen G. Saleri is the President, CEO, and co-founder of QRI, a unique value-creation enterprise in the upstream oil and gas industry since 2007. He is considered one of the industry's...

  • Donald Tang - Vice Chairman

    Donald Tang

    Vice Chairman

    QRI’s Vice Chairman, Mr. Donald W. Tang, has been integral to the company’s success. He is known as a catalyst, bringing diverse viewpoints together across national borders to create mutual benefit.

    An investment...

  • Dr. Robert M. Toronyi - QRI Chief Engineer

    Dr. Robert M. Toronyi

    Chief Technology Officer & Chief Engineer

    Dr. Robert Toronyi worked for Chevron for over 30 years for every one of its upstream companies and affiliates, gaining both a wealth and breadth of knowledge of...

  • Neal Githens - QRI Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs & Chief Strategy Officer

    Neal K. Githens

    Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs & Chief Strategy Officer

    Neal K. Githens was present at QRI from day one and was a key architect for the design of...

  • Richard J. Heil - QRI Chief Geologist

    Richard J. Heil

    Chief Geologist

    Richard Heil is a senior geological consultant with over 30 years experience in the oil and gas and environmental engineering industries. For 23 years he marked a distinguished career with Saudi Aramco,...

  • Sami Ajam - QRI Senior Advisor Business Development

    Sami O. Ajam

    Senior Advisor Business Development

    Prior to joining QRI, Sami O. Ajam was president of MEERA (Middle East Energy Research Associates), a firm specializing in market research and business development for global energy firms...

  • David Maczka - Senior Advisor, Latin America

    David Maczka

    Senior Advisor, Latin America

    David Maczka has over 30 years of international business experience with a focus on establishing foreign companies in Mexico. He specializes in business development for global companies in...

  • Dr. Sébastien Matringe - QRI Reservoir Management and Innovation

    Dr. Sébastien F. Matringe

    Vice President, Quantum Technologies

    Sébastien Matringe previously was a reservoir engineer with Chevron, where he worked on numerous field development projects including green...